Kemer Education …

The educational system in Kemer is based on these basic ideas:

– Education shall be national,
– Education shall be Republican,
– Education shall be secular,
– Education shall have a scientific foundation,
– Education shall incorporate generality and equality,
– Education shall be functional and modern.

The purpose of a structured education system is to increase the happiness   and social welfare of the members of society; to support and facilitate economic, cultural and social development in unity; and to make the area a constructive, creative and distinguished partner in modern civilization.

Students begin school in the first month of September following their sixth birthday and continue in school until age 14, having obtained 8 years of primary, government paid education.

Secondary education covers students from 15-18 years old and include high schools, foreign language teaching high schools, high schools of science, teacher training high schools, and fine arts high schools.  Students may also choose a path in vocational education which includes formal technical education, trade and tourism schools, religious, multi-program, special education, private education, and health education specialty schools.  We are proud to offer curriculum that teaches students about the environment.

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